About Us

The Gladewater Fire Department is a “Combination Department” with a staff of 10 full time paid firefighters (including the Chief) and 9 part time firefighters, and also volunteers. There are three shifts A, B, and C that work 48 ON/96 OFF, seven days a week consisting of a Captain, and three (2) crew/firefighters per shift.

The department has different personnel certified in different fields, Fire Cause & Origin, Fire Inspectors, and Methods of Teaching, with all full time employees certified through the Texas Commission on Fire Protection. It is our desire to serve the taxpayers of this community to prevent the loss of life and property.

The Fire Chief, Mike Simmons supervises the department Monday thru Friday, from 8a-5p and responds to calls as needed. 
The department equipment consists of:

1.       E-2 (MAIN ENGINE) with a pump capacity of 1500 gallons per minute (1000 gallon tank)

2.       E-1 (SECOND ENGINE) with a pump capacity of 1250 gallons per minute (750 gallon tank)

3.       Tanker 8 with a pump capacity of 1000 gallons per minute (2500 gallon tank)

4.      Response 1 (250 gallon tank)

5.       1 rescue boat

The City of Gladewater current ISO rating is a “4”.

The Gladewater Fire Department’s coverage area is approximately 85 square miles along with having mutual aid agreements with all neighboring departments to assist them in a time of need.