Fire Prevention Week Safety Tips

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“Look. Listen. Learn. Be aware – fire can happen anywhere!” That’s the theme for #FirePreventionWeek, October 7-13, 2018.


#FirePreventionWeek Look for places home fires can start and minimize those risks: Keep cooking areas clear of clutter, keep anything that can burn well away from heat sources, and make sure electrical outlets aren’t overloaded.


#FirePreventionWeek Listen for the sound of the smoke alarm. If you hear it, take it seriously – whether you’re at home or any other location!


#FirePreventionWeek Make sure you have adequate smoke alarm protection! You should have at least one smoke alarm on every level of your home, in each bedroom and near all sleeping areas. Test smoke alarms once a month to make sure they’re working!


#FirePreventionWeek Learn what to do if the smoke alarm sounds: make a home escape plan with all members of your household, then practice it together at least twice a year.


#FirePreventionWeek Use this home escape planning grid to map out a floor plan of your home. Make sure it includes the location of all smoke alarms; two exits from every room; a path from each exit to the outside; and an outdoor meeting place where everyone will meet upon exiting.


#FirePreventionWeek Make situational awareness a habit. Always look for two exits from the location or building you’re in, and identify the quickest path to the outside in the event of an emergency.


#FirePreventionWeek In a fire situation, once you get outside, stay outside! Call 911 or the local emergency number immediately from your cell phone or a neighbor’s phone.


#FirePreventionWeek Create different fire scenarios for practicing your home fire escape plan like blocking some exits and conducting a fire drill in the dark. Develop a plan for each situation.


#FirePreventionWeek If there are members of your household who need assistance escaping a fire situation, make sure your home escape plans account for their needs.